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Pipeline Services

Mechanical Systems Incorporated (MSI) has shown continual company growth, which has led to the expansion of midstream pipeline services to meet customer needs. Projects include fuel terminals, gas and oil storage, pump stations, town border stations and compressor stations.

Due to DOT/PHMSA regulations and hazardous work conditions, our pipe welders, pipefitters, millwrights, laborers and equipment operators maintain DOT OQ certifications. Through continuing education of our employees on new pipeline construction procedures and qualifications, MSI ensures that our staff is able to produce quality projects safely.  Our management team has the training and experience to maintain a clean safety and performance record in order to operate on projects like these. With safety being a core value of our company, we are able to maintain an EMR rating of .72.

By providing quality fabrication, both on and off site, MSI can produce exceptional results for all parties involved. It is understood that pipeline projects require various safety protocols and equipment. Mechanical Systems Inc. has the technology, capabilities and equipment to operate in a safe manner as well as maintain the highest of craftsmanship.

It is our goal to provide an exceptional end product for our customers based on both schedule and performance. In order to do so, MSI is prepared to work with other contractors in a team-friendly environment to execute construction in a smooth manner.

Pipeline services include:

  • Pipe fitting and fabrication
  • Pipe welding (API 1104)
  • Equipment setting and installation
  • Structural support fabrication and installation
  • Pump alignment
  • Pipe spool fabrication
  • Pump skid design, fabrication and assembly
  • Catwalk and Handrail fabrication, installation and repair
  • Insulation (see insulation services page)

Past pipeline clients:

  • Flint Hills Resources and Koch Pipeline
  • CHS Pipeline
  • Magellan Pipeline
  • Marathon
  • Alliance Pipeline