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Safety is at the core of our daily operations. It is every MSI employee’s job to operate and maintain a safe working environment for themselves and others. Through the experience of our managers and leaders, a strict safety protocol is adhered to. MSI is committed to providing our employees with the proper resources needed to conduct daily work safely. We pride ourselves on our safety record and hope to set an example for all customers and contractors we work with.

To guide us, we implemented a Health & Safety Program managed by our Safety Officer who receives assistance by an Independent Outside Safety Firm. Our managers, supervisors and employees are engaged in our Health & Safety Program and are responsible for eliminating workplace hazards. All employees undergo mandatory OSHA-10 hour training. Only through proactive measures do we maintain an excellent safety record that results in a steady decline in our overall company EMR.

Some of MSI’s Health and Safety Programs include:

  • Company AWAIR (Workplace Accident Injury Reduction) Program
  • Daily Tool Box Safety Briefings
  • Bi-Weekly Site Specific Safety Meetings
  • Dedicated Company Safety Officer
  • Outside Independent Safety Consulting Firm
  • BBS (Behavior Based Safety)